Float Like A Butterfly, Win Like A Bee

A butterfly is certainly a thing of beauty. It is hard to look away from them when they flit past you, light and free, unencumbered by their surroundings. Perhaps that is why we are so enamoured with them. Butterflies don’t seem to worry about anything, preferring to live in the moment and move on to the next.

Now a video slot based on their ethereal spirit tries to recreate the same magical feeling, with some interesting visuals and gameplay features. At first glance the Butterflies video slot looks every bit as gorgeous and striking as its theme.

How To Play
The gameplay maintains a light and easy touch, allowing you to fully experience and enjoy the slot. You start with choosing how many paylines you want to bet on. The numbers range from 1 – 20. You can either choose the safe option and bet on just a single payline, or be a bit more adventurous and select more paylines. The more you choose the higher the pay out. Wins are calculated by the amount you choose to wager multiplied by the active paylines. So, the more you play, the more you stand to win.

You are presented with five colour-filled reels and 20 paylines to try and land high value symbols that will reward you with attractive prizes.

Betting Options
The video slot offers players a number of options to increase their chances of winning the jackpot. You can start slow and easy with a single bet of 1 cent on a single payline. The amount can be changed to €0.05,€0.25, €0.50, €1, €5 and €10 on a single line, depending on your appetite for risk and how much you want to invest. Players can go from 1 cent to €250 in a single spin.

You can also adjust the number of active paylines in a single spin.

Special Functions
Unlike other slots, Butterflies focuses on offering players a simple pathway to strike big wins. The main special feature of the slot is as easy as they come, increasing your chances of going home with a cash prize. All that you need to do is land the house icon on reel 1. When you do, a butterfly hatches from the icon and flits across the reels. It then lands on another symbol, which turns into a house and another butterfly is hatched. This carries on until a certain number of butterflies appear on the reels. The prize is then determined accordingly. The top jackpot that you can play for here is 7000 coins.

The other special function is the scatter symbol of the flower. They have the freedom to appear everywhere, just like in the real world. The number of flowers that appear on the reels is directly proportional to the amount you win. The scatter symbol can appear in any direction for a pay out.

Butterflies are usually found near flowers in nature, and that is exactly what the developers have tried to recreate with the video slot. There is a certain retro charm to the visual design, with more of a focus on a hand-drawn style than a computer generated one. You have eye-pleasing pastel shades of blue, green, and yellow that form the base of colourful symbols such as the flower and mushroom.

The slot is rich and vibrant, and recreates a pastoral landscape that is easy on the eye.

Butterflies is an intoxicating video slot that is easy to play and easy to win. The visually rich backdrop provides an interesting launchpad for an experience that is light and colourful.

Catch The Elusive Big Foot, Catch Some Cool Prizes

We have all heard about it. Some of us have even tried to find it. None of us have ever seen it, except for the hazy pictures and videos that offer no conclusive proof. The myth of Big Foot is one that sets anyone scurrying for their warm winter clothes and best binoculars. Not anymore.

Nyx Interactive now brings all the excitement and thrills of chasing the mysterious creature, and maybe even finding it, to their video slot titled Big Foot.

How To Play
The slot comprises of a collection of high value symbols that make it easier for you to win the high rewards. The entire gameplay is spread around 5 reels and 25 paylines, offering you multiple opportunities to land combinations and unlock the jackpot. You can choose to bet an amount you are comfortable with, and then proceed to enjoy this fairly engaging video slot from Nyx Interactive.

Betting Options
Big Foot is ideal for various kinds of players trying to make some easy cash. You can start off nice and low with just 1 cent per payline. The amount tops off at €250 for a single round. You can also choose the amount you want to bet per coin. This range starts from 1 cent and goes all the way to €10.

The advantage with the betting option is that you can start from the lowest denominator, which is 1 cent, and possibly go on to win the jackpot.

Special Functions
One of the easiest ways to win big is to land Big Foot himself. Try and get the Wild on reels 2, 3, and 4 to let the icon replicate all the other symbols on the board. Big Foot does much more than replicating itself, the mysterious creature also tries to strike the maximum number of win combinations.

A bit more elusive than Big Foot and more rewarding is its Footprint. This acts as the scatter symbol. Its only purpose is to increase your chances of striking high win combinations. Three of them unlock the free spins feature.

The theme of the video slot is colourful and woody, focusing on the habitat where you may find the elusive creature. The visual design has a nice and easy feel to it, which will tempt you to spend more time on it.

Big Foot is an engaging, entertaining slot that rewards players who often have low betting options, but also gives them a chance to hit the highly rewarding jackpot.

Andre The Giant Is Back With Big Rewards

Calling all wrestling fans out there… Andre the Giant is back in the ring, ready to squash his opponents with his oversized hands.

The legendary wrestler makes a comeback with a video slot that centres around his iconic status. Fans of a certain vintage would clearly remember his prowess in the ring and his clunky, but highly effective manoeuvres as he made light work of his opponents who were barely half his size.

Now you get the opportunity to make light work of the slot and earn some handsome cash rewards.

How To Play
Since the theme is based around wrestling, the proceedings are all fun and games with just a hint of seriousness. The main point here is to enjoy the flashback to the good ol’ days of wrestling and pocket a few wins as you do so.

To begin with, you have to choose how much you want to bet on a spin. You could either go for the safe option or take a bit of risk and choose a higher amount. Once you set the amount and spin, then all you have to do is sit back and relax as the machine takes you through some cool gameplay features.

There are 5 reels presented with 25 paylines that give you an opportunity to win a handsome cash jackpot.

Betting Options
You can choose from a wide variety of bets, starting from as low as 1 cent. This should attract players who wish to have some fun and not invest too much. For the more serious punters, they can bet as high as €25 and reap the rewards in the progressing rounds. The beauty of the slot is that, even with the lowest bet, you could hit the jackpot and go home with your pockets full of cash.

Special Functions
With Andre the Giant entertainment can never be too far away. The video slot offers exciting features that not only enhance the gameplay and keep you hooked to it, but also offers rewards and bonuses.

The very first special feature you will encounter is the free spins. All you need to do to activate the free spins is land three or more icons of the legendary wrestler on the reels. This will award you ten free spins. During the round, you can collect wrestling moves for Andre.

The moves will come in handy after the free spins, when the wrestler takes on an opponent in a bonus game. In this round each move that you have selected will reward you more prizes. If Andre can defeat his opponent, you stand to win more prizes.

One of the other special features that players will find interesting is Andre the Giant Wilds. These icons appear on reels 2 and 4. When they do, the wrestler puffs up in size occupying all the other reels. This triples your chances of winning an attractive prize.

Andre the Giant truly comes alive with the theme of wrestling. The slot is filled with colour and fun. You will see exotic wrestlers dressed up in costume, striking wrestling boots, fancy masks, and even the ever-popular hotdog that people snack on. The backdrop of the reels is a wrestling ring with a crowd cheering you on to do your very best to strike it rich.

The visual look of the game is spot on, recreating the atmosphere of wrestling, which is often an energetic environment.

This video slot based on the wrestler is a whole load of fun. From the visual execution to the gameplay, there is not an element that does not entertain you.